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Detailed documentation & programming flowcharts
Driver and INF files for a specific scanner model
Header and library files
Sample application source code

The files are compatible with Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Visual C/C++ .NET. Other compilers may work, but are not tested or supported. The recommended development system is Microsoft Windows XP, but all active versions of Windows operating systems can be used.

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Ambir SDK release form

The application programming interface is implemented within a single DLL file as a set of exported, C-callable functions. The application calls the API functions to control the scanner, scan images, and to read image data. The DLL handles all low-level communication with the scanner hardware through the Windows Still Image (STI) Interface.

All scan parameters can be queried and set by means of “properties.” The application can query the current scan parameters as well as the range of valid values for the parameters. This offers flexibility and frees the developer from needing to hard-code the scanner's capabilities and limits within the application.

The DLL provides no user interface elements; it provides data only. The application should implement its own user interface if needed.

Complete SDK Release Form
- Company information, delivery information, technical contact information
- Scanner serial # (SDKs are released to customers that have purchased at least one unit; Ambir will obtain serial # from units to be purchased/shipped)

Forward completed SDK to sales at sales@ambir.com; typical process/SDK release time is 2-3 business days

An email will be sent to the delivery contact person specified on the SDK Release Form with an address for a secure FTP site to download the SDK toolkit

Email is the preferred support method for technical support. In general, there are no costs for technical support; if support costs are applicable based on the request, the customer will be notified in advance

Specialized support requests for functionality beyond what is covered in the SDK documentation may require execution of a confidentially and non-disclosure agreement