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ImageScan Pro 820i

Model# DS820-AS

ImageScan Pro 930u

Model# DS930-AS

ImageScan Pro 940u

Model# DS940-AS

ImageScan Pro 960u

Model# DS960-AS


ImageScan Pro 930-ISIS

Model# DS930-ISIS

ImageScan Pro 940-ISIS

Model# DS940-ISIS

ImageScan Pro 960-ISIS

Model# DS960-ISIS

The ImageScan Pro series comes bundled with a unique software package that includes Presto! PageManager 9, and AmbirScan ADF.

Organize all of your new digital files, and even send them straight to Evernote or Google Docs with drag-and-drop ease in PageManager 9.

Control the one-button functionality of the ImageScan Pro with AmbirScan ADF.


Presto! PageManager 9 lets you scan straight to Evernote. You can also access all of your notes, web clips, files and images right from the application. Scanning bills? Create a new notebook in PageManager and scan cable, electric and gas invoices straight to it.

With Presto! PageManager 9, all your docs can be Google docs, instantly. Scan anything straight to Google Drive directly from the application, saving you the time of manual upload. You can access all of your folders from PageManager, so pinpointing a location is simple.

When you buy Ambir, you get more than just a great scanner. It comes bundled with a two-year warranty that includes limited parts & labor coverage and comprehensive U.S.-based phone & online chat support.

When you contact Ambir for help, you don’t talk to just anybody. You get highly-trained support from expert technicians with years of experience. You get support with a friendly demeanor and a desire to help you succeed. That’s our guarantee.