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Ambir knows the value of working with other great organizations. That’s why we’ve put together the finest package of reseller benefits available. We’ve included everything from special pricing to dedicated marketing & technical support.

If you're interested in taking advantage of the opportunities Ambir offers, either call us at 630-530-5400, option 2 or email us at sales@ambir.com.

You can read about each of the benefits to the right or by downloading the Reseller Program sheet.

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what Ambir offers its Resellers

Special Pricing: We appreciate your partnership – and we show it with discounted pricing that you – and your customers - will be happy about.

Product Alerts: Get inside previews of upcoming Ambir products, so you can inform your customer base and generate leads, even before release.

Sales Referrals: Receive qualified leads based on your geographic location and industry focus with our focused lead distribution program.

Pre-and Post-Sale FAQs: Stay on top of the most common questions – and the best answers - for every product in Ambir’s hardware and software portfolio.

Priority Product Allocation: Meet demanding customer delivery expectations with customized product distribution that puts your efficiency first.

Demo Unit Program: Receive deeply discounted pricing on demonstration units for trade shows and customer events to show firsthand how Ambir products make a difference.

Product Guide: Stay on top of information and specifications for all Ambir products with this private online guide, including previews of products to be released up to 12 months from now.

Product Briefings: Attend Ambir-hosted webcasts on the features, benefits and applications of soon-to-be-released products to learn if they’re right for your customer base.

Trade Show and Other Collateral: Easily achieve a professional image with customized trade show literature that gets your customers up to speed and starts selling immediately.

Direct Marketing Support: Creative support from a full in-house marketing team to create print and online content for Ambir products tailored to your market.

Vertical Market Presentations: Put your best foot forward with annual exhibitions, which can be co-branded for sleek, customized vertical presentations at customer events.

Special Technical Support: You’re covered with a dedicated, toll-free number that puts you directly in touch with one of our expert-level support technicians.

Quarterly Webcasts: Stay up to date on the most frequently asked technical questions, upcoming products and their new market applications with quarterly online updates.