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In the complex care environment of today's hospitals, efficient digital data management has become a must. Ambir scanners are ideal for patient registration stations, billing offices, mobile carts, and kiosks. Our document scanners easily handle patient forms as well as driver's licenses and insurance cards. If you need to process ID cards and other small media on a mobile cart or kiosk, Ambir ID scanners are the right choice. They are compact, about the size of a stapler, and are USB powered so they will only draw a small amount of power from a kiosk or mobile cart.

For billing and other back office needs, choose one of our high-speed ADF scanners. These products can quickly scan invoices and patient forms, increasing efficiency and improving workflow. Finally, all Ambir scanners are compatible with most EMR systems currently on the market so integrating an Ambir scanner into your office is easy. Plus, Ambir scanners are recommended by leading healthcare software companies like GE, McKesson, and Nextgen.

Ambir sales and technical teams can guide you in selecting and implementing the best solution to meet your healthcare organizations unique needs.

Professional-grade design and functionality
Cost-effective options for every budget level
Ease of implementation – the average solution takes only minutes to install
Ease of use with rapid acceptance by staff
TWAIN compliance for compatibility with thousands of software applications
Durability for long life with minimal maintenance
Compact, ergonomic design for space saving efficiency

Your hospital will quickly enjoy these benefits:

Reduced paper use
Accelerated processes
Increased efficiency
Reduced data entry errors

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Your Top 5 Bottom Line Impacts

  DS930-AS ImageScan Pro™ 930u High Speed Duplex Document and ID Scanner with UltraSonic Misfeed Detection

Retail Price: $695.00

  DS820-AS ImageScan Pro™ 820i High Speed Duplex Document and ID Scanner with Automatic Document Feeder

Retail Price: $399.95

  DS490IX-AS ImageScan Pro 490i Duplex ID Card & Document Scanner w/ AmbirScan

Retail Price: $299.95

  DS687IX-AS Duplex A6 ID Card Scanner w/AmbirScan

Retail Price: $329.95