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ImageSign Pro 200 (SP200-S2)

Ambir Part# SP200-S2
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Overview >

The real thing.

Each signature has its own personality. The ImageSign Pro 200 captures every nuance with pressure-sensitive “Natural Capture” technology.
  It just fits.

The ImageSign Pro 200 is sculpted to carefully fit the hand of the signer, and its compact size allows it to fit on virtually any desk or in any travel bag.

Make a statement.

With the included Slideshow Manager application, anyone can upload their logo or promotional material for more impressions at high-traffic areas.

  Secure your signatures.

You can trust built-in AES encryption, RSA signaling and signature biometrics to keep every signature locked up tight.

Easier than ink.

A four-inch screen means it’s easy to fit even the longest signatures. And a backlight ensures that even in low light, it’s effortless to use.

  Two-year warranty.

The ImageSign Pro 200 comes with a two-year limited parts & labor warranty, along with comprehensive, North American-based phone support.

Specifications >

5" color backlit display

Active signing area:4 x 3”

Dimensions:7.1 x 7.5 x 0.6”

Display graphics:up to 1024 x 768 pixels

Security: AES encryption, RSA signing, signature biometrics, RSA encryption inside the pad

Internal sampling rate: 6000 Hz

External sampling rate: 500 Hz

Resolution: 104 DPI

Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP Compatible


USB connection, no driver installation required


Stylus is included, not proprietary

Scratch-resistant surface

2-year standard warranty

Ergonomic design

TAA Compliant

Made in Germany

Please note: The signature features of signoSign 2 will only function with text-searchable PDF files. The features will not work with image-only PDF files. 


Features >

Designate exactly where you’d like PDFs to be electronically signed. It makes no difference whether the signature fields change or move from page to page: signature areas are defined by word association, not spatial coordinates.

signoSign 2 also integrates your newly-signed documents directly into your workflow processes by automatically emailing PDFs to specified recipients. The addresses can even be extracted directly from the document itself.

Creating index data for automated processing is also simple with signoSign 2. Whether it’s an order number, a service request or a customer’s account information, it can be defined for automatic indexing.

Accessible immediately through the Windows System Tray, signoIntegrator 2 lets you import signatures into any Windows application with one click.

A dead-simple way to capture a quick signature, save it in TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPEG or GIF format and adjust settings like line thickness and resolution.

The ImageSign Pro series can function via TWAIN or WIA driver, much like a scanner. With TWAIN and WIA, it’s simple to change resolution, rotate and crop signatures.

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ImageSign Pro 200 (SP200-S2)
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