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Presto! PageManager 9 Professional (PM900-SW)

PageManager 9 Professional
Ambir Part# PM900-SW
Ambir MSRP

Overview >

Presto! PageManager 9 Professional provides complete, hassle-free management of all your digital files. From drag-and-drop organization to PDF creation and merging, PageManager 9 is a completely intuitive, feature-rich solution.

Simply organized.

Anyone can get organized in no time with PageManager 9 Professional. Use the Stack feature to group related files, even those in different formats. The Split/Merge function combines PDFs or separates multi-page documents into different files. You can also drag a file to any relevant application. The program will open the document, and you’ll be working in no time.

Quicker image capture.

PageManager 9 Professional gives you fast, reliable capture with Presto! Scan Buttons. As a standalone tool, the buttons provide one-click scanning to E-mail, folder, OCR, PDF or any other designated application. The Scan Button feature is TWAIN and WIA compliant and allows for simplex or duplex scanning with most any imaging device.

All your files, right here.

Find it fast with PageManager 9 Professional’s various file management features. At a glance, Preview mode provides users with the file name, type and a thumbnail image. The Find function allows users to locate files by title, author, keyword or even specific content. Or use the Document Palette to work with multiple files in the same place, regardless of their format.

Create your content.

PageManager 9 Professional is capable of more than document storage and viewing. File creation is as easy as scanning media into PageManager 9 or another application like Adobe Acrobat, which is easily achieved with the customizable Scan Buttons. You can also convert PDF text to rich text format (RTF) and employ auto-cropping for neater digital files.

Specifications >

Part Number – PM900-SW

Features >

Split and Merge PDFs – Split multipage PDFs into separate files or combine several into one document

PDF to RTF Conversion – Convert PDF text to Rich Text Format (RTF)

PDF Writer – Quickly convert files to PDF format

Multiple PDF Save Modes – Save PDFs as Image-Only, Text and Image or Text Under Image

Lotus Notes Support – Import and export Lotus Notes files

SharePoint Support – SharePoint 2001, 2003 and 2007 versions are fully supported

Document Palette – A space to manage documents of all formats from across folders

Inbox function – Incoming documents - like email attachments - are automatically put into designated folders

Automatic form dispatching – Scanned documents automatically go to preset locations

Auto-Cropping – Crop scanned documents for consistently neat results

Quick Links – Access frequently-used folders with just one click

Software Development Kit – Helps users integrate with back-end systems and applications

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Presto! PageManager 9 Professional (PM900-SW)

$129.95Ambir Part# PM900-SW
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Presto! PageManager 9 Professional (PM900-SW)
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