5 must-have devices to you seamlessly blend work and travel this summer

Go-to gadgets: 5 must-have devices to you seamlessly blend work and travel this summer

Summer time is travel time.

Whether heading to the cottage, a wilderness camping adventure, family road trip or exotic overseas excursion, small business owners need to stay connected, no matter where your travels take you.

We’ve rounded up five go-to gadgets that should make the trip with you this summer if you plan to stay productive.

1. goTenna Mesh


If your travel plans take you way off the beaten path, goTenna Mesh can keep your Android or iOS devices connected even in locations where there is no cellular service. The pocket-sized device pairs with your smartphone via an app to enable communication among users without reliance on cell towers, WiFi routers, or satellites. Additionally, goTenna Mesh enables automatic and private message relay, effectively doubling or tripling any device’s effective range, creating a network which actually gets stronger the more people join it.

2. Anker Jump Starter / Portable Charger

anker jump starteranker jump starter

When your road trip does double duty as a work trip, your gadgets need to do double duty as well. Anker’s portable charger / jump starter saves you from the dangers of dead batteries in both your mobile devices and your car.

The car battery jump starter is compact enough to fit in your glove box and comes equipped with two USB ports to charge phones, tablets, and other gadgets on the go.

3. Apple AirPort Express

Apple AirPort Express

Hard to believe so many hotels still charge for WiFi these days or worse yet, provide instructions on how to connect to their network with an Ethernet cable.

With Apple’s AirPort Express, you can create your own secure wireless network by simply plugging the hotel’s DSL cable into the device. AirPort Express also features a built-in firewall to keep your network secure.

4. TripLingo


Pocket translator gadgets seemed like an indispensable travel tool when they first appeared on the market, but quickly became redundant thanks to near-universal adoption of smartphones.

Apps are now the go-to choice for those travelling and working abroad, offering real time translation and so much more. TripLingo bills itself as the ultimate tool for international travelers, helping you learn essential phrases, instantly translating your voice or connecting to a live translator, and even offering a crash course on the local culture.

You can even avoid roaming fees with the app’s WiFi dialer, which allows you make free international calls when connected to Wi-Fi.

5. Tumi Electric Grounded Adapter With USB

Tumi Electric Grounded Adapter With USB

Looking for a safe and convenient way to power your tech toys and mobile office essentials while travelling abroad?

The Tumi Electric Grounded Adapter with USB offers four different plug configurations, works in 150 countries and is suitable for use with most 2-pole and 3-pole plugs. The compact adapter has a retractable plug and comes with a durable, travel safe storage case.

5 Social Media Tools To Help Listen To Your Customers – And Your Competitors

Social listening is more than a trendy buzzword; it’s an essential part of your business’ digital strategy.

Listening to your target audiences online helps you monitor trends, identify potential influencers, and track consumer sentiment to grow your community and develop more relevant, engaging content.

For even more valuable insight use social listening tools to monitor what your competitors are doing and how their consumers respond. We break down 5 of the best social media listening tools to make the job easy for you:

1. Hootsuite

One of the earliest comprehensive social monitoring tools available, Hootsuite remains one of the most popular today. Hootsuite Insights accesses real-time data from over 100 million sources in 50+ languages across 25+ social networks and other platforms to make sure you never miss a conversation that matters.

Social sentiment around your brand – or your competitors – can be filtered by location, language, and gender for a multi-dimensional view of your market segments. Take advantage of the free basic plan or upgrade for additional functionality.

2. Sprout Social

Easy to use and reasonably priced with plans starting at $59/month, it’s no wonder Sprout Social is among the leading social media management tools on the market today.

Track hashtags, keywords mentions and sentiment across multiple social channels in real time, then use the data you’ve gathers to gain deeper insights thanks to a suite of helpful analytics tools and customizable reporting options.

3. Mention

Mention promises to scour the web, allowing you to monitor your brand, your products, your consumers and your competitors anywhere online.

An integrated dashboard allows you to post, reply, and engage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from a single screen, while collaboration tools help you share and assign tasks to your team members. The budget friendly Solo plan starts at just $29/month.

4. Likeable Local

Designed specifically for small business, Likeable Local is on a mission to transform small businesses into #likeable businesses through the power of social media.

The platform promises to help manage your reputation and track the conversations which matter to you with advanced keyword tracking across multiple channels, while connecting you with the people searching for or talking about your services online. Monthly plans start at $299.

5. Brandwatch

Popular among larger enterprises and agency clients, the social listening tools from Brandwatch provide valuable insights to small business owners as well.

Brandwatch Analytics tracks conversations as they happen on social media channels, blogs, forums, review sites and more, to help you listen to your customers anywhere, any time.

The extensive selection of features for analysis, includies advanced filtering, tagging and categorization, Alerts, flexible charting, topic and sentiment analysis, and plenty more data management capabilities. Pricing is available upon request only.

nform paperless forms

10 Businesses that can benefit from e-signatures and nForm

What’s the biggest improvement you want your business to achieve this year? Reduced costs? Increased efficiency? Improved client experience? Making one simple change can help you realize each of those goals, and more.

Ambir nForm transforms the way you collect and capture information, using your existing forms or digital applications and eliminating the need to re-format, scan or print. Send them directly and securely to your network or the cloud, saving time and reducing costs. nForm also doubles as a digital signature pad, allowing you and your clients to sign, initial, and make notes on any form or document.

What type of business is nForm best for? Your business!

1. Medical and Paramedical Practices

Use nForm for patient registration forms, requisitions, electronic health records and more and your patients and staff will thank you.

2. Human Resources

Managing employee information is a breeze with electronic forms for job applications, personnel files, benefits registration forms, HR policies, performance evaluations and more.

3. Pharmacies

With nForm recording signatures for deliveries, tracking controlled substances, registering new customers, managing orders and more couldn’t be easier!

4. Landscaping / Home Improvement Companies

Create detailed quotes, sign work orders, track employee hours, capture client signatures for change orders and special requests, record deliveries and more from any job site.

5. Hospitals

Reduce duplication, avoid errors, improve workflows, and make patient charts available in real time across multiple departments with a paperless health records management system.

6. Financial Services

Offer truly personalized service and meet your clients anywhere, anytime that’s convenient for them. With nForm you can fill out account applications, capture credit check information, authorize the purchase or sale of stocks, and record client signatures or initials on important documents without having to print a single piece of paper.

7. Messenger / Courier

Your small courier business relies on speed, reliability and accuracy. nForm allows your messengers to capture digital signatures upon delivery which can be immediately saved to your network. Confirming delivery and tracking packages is a breeze!

8. Legal Services

Mountains of paperwork is par for the course in the legal services business, but it doesn’t has to be. Lawyers and support staff can easily track billable hours and expenses online when your tracking forms are digitized with nForm. Letters, contracts, agreements and other important documents can be reviewed, initialed and signed electronically by all parties.

9. Real estate

New home builders, home inspectors, and real estate agents will all appreciate the simplicity of nForm. Recording upgrades, deficiencies, inclusions, exclusions and more is easy with the convenience of a tablet and the ability to immediately send electronic copies to all interested parties.

10. Florists

Get every customer’s order right, every time with nForm. Electronic order forms will help ensure that no detail gets missed or mis-read, from colour and flower specifications to special requests, delivery instructions and the wording on the card. Capture digital signatures on the spot to confirm delivery.

Check out nForm Here

10 Wearables You Haven’t Heard Of…Yet

Smart socks

smart socks

The key to better health might be found in your feet. Sensoria’s Fitness Socks are infused with textile sensors and come with a detachable Bluetooth anklet to create a next generation health tracker designed specifically for runners. Like other fitness wearables, Fitness Socks track step, speed, calories, altitude and distance but also monitor cadence and foot landing technique as you run. Not only does this feature help identify injury-prone running styles (heel striking, ball striking, etc.), it uses a mobile app to coach the runner via real-time audio cues.

Mood boosting bracelet


Need an energy boost? Want to relax? There’s an app for that, connected to a new wristband called doppel. The device, which debuted at CES 2017, claims to work with your body’s natural response to rhythm to change how you feel on demand. doppel creates a rhythmic pulse that is felt on the inside of the wrist as a heartbeat-like vibration. A faster rhythm makes us feel more alert, while a slower one calms us down. There’s a mobile app to track and store your personal rhythms, which are linked to your resting heart rate.

Personal protection


If you carry your phone on your belt or in your pants pocket beware. You could be exposing your most personal parts to the electromagnetic radiation they admit. While there is little compelling evidence definitively linking this type of radiation to disease, a Toronto company has a novel solution for those not willing to take a risk. Billed as the “ultimate underwear,” Riparo’s EMF blocking boxer briefs blend silver with the standard cotton and polyester to block low level cellphone radiation. No word if a women’s product is on the horizon.

A watch that watches out for you


Is it a watch? A fitness tracker? It’s the CarePredict Tempo, a wearable sensor that helps senior living staff and home care providers identify small changes in their patients’ daily activities that could be precursors to serious health concerns. The device learns each individual’s normal daily activity patterns and wirelessly alerts caregivers about significant variations like not waking at the typical time, eating less than usual, abnormal repetition of activities, or restless sleep.

A better bra


Can a bra lead to better breast health? Cyrcadia Health thinks so. Its iTBra consists of two wearable, comfortable intelligent breast patches which detect abnormal circadian temperature changes within breast tissue. Data collected by the iTBra can then be sent directly to Cyrcadia Health’s lab for analysis via a PC or smart phone app. The company believes that better monitoring can lead to earlier detection of breast health issues, providing women with more treatment options.

Diagnostic Dentures

Twenty-five percent of adults age 60 and older in the U.S. have lost all their natural teeth, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and approximately 20 million Americans wear full or partial dentures. Unfortunately, at least half of denture wearers experience problems with fit. Researchers at the University of Florida have patented the Multifunctional Smart Denture, which features micro-sensors to detect problems which lead to poor fit: gaps between the denture and oral tissue; stress, strain; pressure; movement; and temperature.  But that’s not all. The sensors have the potential to be used for more advanced applications, such as monitoring pH levels, glucose and other chemicals in the saliva to detect health issues, and to deliver medication.

Bluetooth baby booties


New parents have long relied on baby monitors for peace of mind but today’s monitors go far beyond seeing and hearing baby’s movements in the middle of the night. The Owlet Smart Sock 2 is a hypoallergenic cotton booty which allows parents to track their infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. If the results fall outside a predetermined range, parents get a notification on their smartphones.

Fitness tracker for your furry friend


If you’re a FitBit fan who worries about your pet’s health, the PetPace may be for you. This state-of-the-art smart collar continuously collects a pet’s vital signs to warn owners about potential signs of illness, stress or other health-related problems. The PetPace uses non-invasive sensors to track temperature, activity, pulse, respiration, positions, calories consumed and burned, and heart-rate variations. It is lightweight, waterproof and comes in three sizes.

Breathalyser on board


Ready for another round or time to call it a night? BACtrack Skyn, billed as the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor, may help you make up your mind. The device works as a standalone wearable or with the Apple Watch to continuously track alcohol levels in real time. Users get a notification when their alcohol level is increasing to remind them to slow down or stop drinking. More importantly, it provides users with clear, objective data to determine if their alcohol levels are above the legal limit for driving.

Connected clothing


Now this is a wearable you can really wear! The Hexoskin Smart Shirt was designed to give the wearer insight about their physical training, sleep, and personal daily activities. Sensors woven into the fabric measure biometric data including heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, steps, pace, activity intensity level, and sleep. It can be paired with Hexoskin’s smartphone app and works via Bluetooth to provide analytics in real time.

Spring Cleaning For Your Small Business: 3 Tips To Improve Efficiency This Season

small business spring cleaning tips

Birds are singing, temperatures are rising and spring is in the air. Now is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning. While running a dustcloth over your desk won’t help your bottom line; these three simple spring cleaning tips for your small business can keep you running at peak productivity all year long.

1. Website refresh

Take the time to audit your website page by page and recruit a few friends to do the same. Of course you want to immediately correct any functionality errors and fix any typos but a thorough audit takes a broader view and looks for ways to improve the customer experience:

  • Add new products or services and delete any that are outdated or no longer available
  • Update photos with fresh, high-quality images
  • Ensure all pricing is current and accurate
  • Incorporate recent customer reviews and testimonials into your content
  • Check how your site displays on a variety of desktop and mobile devices
  • Investigate new platforms, programs and plug-ins to enhance the user experience for customers and visitors to your site
  • Consult with a designer on ways to make the site cleaner, more visually appealing and easier to navigate

2. Digital decluttering

Now is the time to tackle all those piles of paper, boxes of files and overflowing cabinets you’ve been ignoring. Invest in a high performance scanning system and take the time to build an effective system for document storage and archiving now; doing so will pay off in security and efficiency for years to come. Choose your scanning system wisely. The Ambir nScan 915i network scanner, for example, is engineered to handle multiple users with ease. The compact, standalone unit connects to your network wirelessly with no cable or computer required, and scans directly to your email, network, device or the cloud.

  • Take advantage of cloud technology to build a secure document archive that is available anywhere, any time.
  • Divide all your paper files into two groups: store or toss. Be realistic and ruthless
  • Shred all discarded documents for secure disposal and easy recycling
  • Set up a simple cloud-based digital file system and scan all the remaining documents directly to the appropriate file
  • Once the documents are scanned and stored, there is no need to keep hard copies; simply shred, recycle and marvel at how much space your office suddenly has!

3. Contact list clean-up

Your communication is only as strong as your contact list. If you’re using outdated lists then you are simply wasting your time. Building a better database from the ground up will help build your business so consider investing in a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) program such as Nimble. Far more than just contact lists, CRM programs help you manage your contacts, automate sales and marketing functions, capture business intelligence about prospects and competitors, and track social media conversations and engagement.

  • Purge all databases of outdated or irrelevant information
  • Consolidate all your fragmented contact lists, databases, spreadsheets and business cards into one central database or CRM platform
  • Capture the information your team needs to drive sales: demographics, social profiles, buying patterns and more
  • Track message opens and clicks to determine if your message is reaching the right people
  • Monitor key contacts’ social media profiles to identify emerging trends or potential issues

3 Digital Health Trends Coming Soon To A Doctor’s Office Near You


Digital healthcare is revolutionizing how we seek and receive medical treatment in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a generation ago. From new diagnostic and surgical techniques to the way patient information is stored and shared, digital health technologies are transforming every aspect of the healthcare field.

While some of the most cutting-edge technologies currently being explored may not reach patients for many years, a number of digital health advances are being implemented by hospitals and medical practices right now. We look at three trends coming soon to a doctor’s office near you.

Health tracker data

We love our FitBits, Garmins, other wearables and health tracker apps on our phones. They help us keep track of physical activity, report on the quality of our sleep, can analyze our diets and some programs even claim to monitor baseline health indicators such as resting heart rate, body fat percentage, and oxygen saturation.

The data captured by these gadgets and apps can be very valuable to healthcare professionals who traditionally rely on patients to self-report on issues such as activity and diet. Unfortunately, self-reporting is seldom accurate.

Having access to accurate, real-time data can help medical professionals offer better, more personalized care, and monitor long-term results to identify significant changes of areas of concern. In the not-too-distant future, except these apps to automatically send data straight to your personal digital health file at your doctor’s office.

Electronic Health Records & Digital Patient Registration

All that data we gather from our trackers needs somewhere to go. Increasingly hospitals, medical practices and provincial health authorities are implementing Electronic Health Records (EHRs). In an ideal system, your complete medical records, test results, diagnostic images, prescription history and more would be accessible to any doctor and hospital in the province (or even the country), helping reduce errors and allowing for more efficient and effective provision of service and treatment.

Many medical practices are taking electronic records keeping a step further by eliminating paperwork and digitizing forms. Any paper form can be handled electronically using a simple all-in-one system such as Ambir Technology’s nForm.

From patient registration information to test requisitions, the forms can be completed on the tablet device which also doubles as an e-signature pad, and delivered or stored electronically. No more lost paperwork, no need for patients to manually fill in the same information on multiple forms.

Virtual appointments

Imagine waiting for your appointment in the comfort and privacy of your own home instead of in an office surrounded by sick people, or being able to consult with a specialist hundreds of miles away, without any travel required.

With medical records, test results and diagnostic images now accessible remotely from anywhere, the need to meet with a doctor face to face is diminishing too.

Virtual appointments via live video chat can provide those in remote locations access to much needed medical services and can reduce the backlog and wait times for care, particularly in areas with doctor shortages.




Go Paperless in 2017

paperless office 2017

New Year’s resolutions are always a hot topic at the beginning of the year. Magazines and websites are full of helpful tips for eating better, losing weight, getting in shape and living well. But what about your work life?

If you’ve resolved to work more efficiently, save money and reduce your business’ impact on the environment you’re in luck. All of these goals can be achieved with one simple and effective change that will revolutionize how you work: going paperless. We’ll help you keep that resolution with three simple steps:

Step 1: Sort and Purge

This is the hardest step of all – sorting through years of files, notes and paper scraps trying to decide what’s worth keeping and what can be shredded or recycled immediately. While this may seem like an overwhelming task it is an essential one and will set you up for future success.

Divide all your existing paperwork into two piles: shred and scan. Be ruthless about what is truly necessary to keep on hand and what can go straight to the recycle bin.

Step 2: Scan and Save

The next step is taking all those paper files you’ve deemed essential and scanning them to be stored electronically. This creates a secure digital archive which you can access whenever and wherever needed, without taking up valuable storage space in your home or office.

While any scanner can do the job, choosing the right scanner makes the task much easier and more efficient. A stand-alone scanner like the nScan 915i is ideal for both home office and business use. With no computer, drivers, or cables required, it allows multiple users to scan documents and send to the destination of their choice: email; computer, network; or cloud.

Step 3: Set up Systems for Future Success

Now that you’ve dealt with the backlog of files and created a secure digital archive on your network or in the cloud, it’s time to evaluate your current business practices. Setting up a paperless system going forward is simple, and will pay off in terms of time, money and resources saved.

For most business, the bulk of paper files comes from printed forms, Applications, purchase orders, employee information, patient records – any paper forms and documents can be easily converted to a paperless system with the right tools.

Invest in e-signature solutions and a system such as nForm to access all your printed forms on a tablet. There is no need to convert, modify or redesign any of your existing documents or change your current workflow process. nForm can save and send completed forms directly to your network using the same interface as a document scanner – no printers or hard copies required! nForm offers the additional benefit of serving as an electronic signature pad.Signatures, initials and handwritten notes can be added directly to the digital form with no extra equipment needed.

With these three simple steps you’ll be well on your way to keeping your New Year’s resolution, without even breaking a sweat!

Top 10 Home Office Gifts and Gadgets


‘Tis the season of giving! If your list includes someone who works from home, we’ve got your last-minute shopping covered with 10 terrific home office gifts and gadgets.

  1. Double duty desk

If your home is short on space, the Hub27 is just what you need to create a convenient home office in any room. This sleek organizer also doubles as a wall-mounted standing desk; just flip its door down to create a handy work surface with a built-in channel to plug in & charge all your devices—laptops, phones or tablets.

  1. A bright idea

Work and focus without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources may cause. Ottlite lighting is expertly engineered to bring the quality of natural daylight indoors so you can see everything more clearly and comfortably, even when working into the wee hours.

  1. Nurture your inner neat freak

With storage solutions as sturdy and attractive as these boxes from Knock Knock, there’s no need to need to let office clutter take over your home. You’ll save your sanity and your documents will stay safe from hungry dogs, sticky toddler fingers and, of course, prying eyes.

  1. Noise cancelling beyond compare

Sometimes the hardest thing about working from home is drowning out the many distractions. Let Sony eliminate them for you with its MDR-1000X noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Enjoy working in super silence or tailor the sound to your environment.

  1. Fashionable filing

When your living space does double duty as work space, it makes sense to have office furniture that works well in both environments too. We love these functional, yet fashionable, filing cabinets that looks great with any décor style.

  1. Pump up the volume

Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to hear when working handsfree on your smartphone. Never miss a key client’s question again thanks to Trobla – a simple and stylish wooden amplifier that enhances your phone’s sound without batteries or electronic components.

  1. You’re getting warmer

The most valuable home-office tool just might be coffee. In that case, the second-most important tool should be a desktop mug warmer to ensure your cup of caffeinated magic stays at peak temperature. Some models even use the USB port on your laptop for portable warming power anywhere.

  1. More power please

Wi-Fi dead zones slow down more than your favourite Netflix shows. If you’re working from home, weak Wi-Fi can definitely disrupt your workday. Boost your power and productivity with a range extender like the D-Link DAP 1620. It works with any existing Wi-Fi network to extend coverage throughout your home and even your backyard, and it can also improve download speeds.

  1. Sit Smarter

We’ve all read about the dangers long periods of sitting each day can pose to our health. When not sitting is not an option at your job, the ultimate office chair is the next-best solution. CoreChair claims to be a more healthy, active seating solution that combines freedom of movement with optimum postural support.

  1. No computer, no drivers, no cables, no problem!

A good scanner is an indispensable tool for any home office. The average scanner can help you avoid mountains of paperwork, safely and securely create digital files, reduce costs and minimize your impact on the environment. But the Ambir nScan 915i is a network document scanner far more than the average scanner. This wireless workhorse fits into any space and allows you to easily scan and deliver documents to email, network share (SMB), online storage, mobile and tablet devices, PC or Mac, and USB drives with the touch of a button.     

10 Can’t-Miss Digital Health Conferences in 2017

2017 healthcare conferences to attend

With digital health innovations and advances in healthcare IT growing daily by leaps and bounds, you can’t afford to get left behind. Get a jump on tomorrow’s technologies today and learn from some of the brightest minds in the business from Canada and around the globe. Check out our list of 9 can’t-miss digital health conferences to watch for in 2017 – plus one this month to get you started.

Infoway Partnership Conference

November 16-17, 2017, Toronto, ON

The 2016 Infoway Partnership Conference: A Conversation About Digital Health, is an annual event designed to create a forum for knowledge exchange, debate and discussion. This year’s conference takes place during Canada’s Digital Health Week and will focus on three areas: medication management, interoperability and consumer health solutions.

Digital Health Summit at CES 2017

January 5-8, Las Vegas, NV

CES has long been a Mecca for avid technology fans but did you know it’s also host to one of the world’s premier digital health events? Key topic for 2017 include personalized medicine, the use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality to diagnose and treat illness, and how technology is transforming the study of sleep.

IoT Big Data Healthcare Summit

January 31 – February 1, Vancouver, BC

The objective of the IoT Big Data Healthcare Summit is to bring the whole healthcare industry under one roof and understand opportunities and challenges Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and tools present. Needs and challenges faced by each of these are unique and so are opportunities to improve service, reduce costs, and improve healthcare systems.

HiMSS Conference & Exhibition

February 19-23, 2017, Orlando, FL

The 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition brings together 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. It is THE place to experience exceptional education, world-class speakers, cutting-edge health IT products and powerful networking with other professionals and thought leaders in the healthcare IT industry.

Mobile Healthcare Summit

March 8-9, 2017, Toronto, ON

The 13th annual Summit on Mobile Healthcare comes to Toronto in March, bringing with it the opportunity to learn how to advance patient-centred care, improve your connected systems, protect patient information, ensure medication and treatment compliance, and reduce operating costs.

MedX │Ed 2017

April 22-23, 2017, Stanford, CA

Stanford University will host its popular Medicine X │Ed Conference again in 2017. The event was conceived as a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and health care. The initiative explores how emerging technologies will advance the practice of medicine, improve health, and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. The “X” is meant to encourage thinking beyond numbers and trends—it represents the infinite possibilities for current and future information technologies to improve health.

Medical Informatics World Conference

May 22-23, 2017, Boston, MA

The 5th annual Medical Informatics World Conference has a mission: challenging leaders from across healthcare to deliver patient-centred solutions with IT innovations. Five focused conference tracks allow the community to delve into the most pressing topics of cross-industry data sharing, population health management, patient engagement, clinical decision support, predictive analytics, telehealth, sensors for healthcare applications, implantables and wearables, and interoperability. 

E-Health 2017

June 4-7, Toronto, ON

Billed as Canada’s only national e-health conference and tradeshow, E-Health 2017 will showcase the many successful products, success stories and leaders in Canada’s digital health journey to more than 1,500 delegates.

Digital Health

July 2-5, London, UK

Global public health, personalised medicine, and emergency medicine in the age of Big Data are the themes for the 2017 Digital Health gathering in London. DH 2017 will cover a wide spectrum of subjects including communities of practice and social networks, analytics and engagement with tracking and monitoring wearable devices, big data, public health surveillance, persuasive technologies, epidemic intelligence, participatory surveillance, disaster and emergency medicine, serious games for public health interventions and automated early identification of health threats and response.

Rock Health Summit

Fall 2017, San Francisco, CA

The Rock Health Summit is specially designed to bring together diverse minds from healthcare, technology, venture, policy, research and beyond to explore the future of digital health. The San Francisco-based event brings together over 600 diverse minds from technology, medicine, policy, and beyond to tackle healthcare’s most challenging problems through interactive programming.

Maximize Efficiency On the Go: Top 5 Mobile Office Must-Haves

Whether you work from home or in a mobile office that needs to travel everywhere you do, efficiency is the key to success. Limited space, time and resources can all be optimized for maximum results, thanks to a few handy programs, cool gadgets and well-chosen pieces of equipment. What are the must-have tools for the professional on the go? We’ve listed our top 5 favourites here:

1.  Cloud-based storage

You need access to all your files from any device, any location. Gone are the days of messing with thumb drives and emailing files to yourself, thanks to the magic of the cloud. Whether you choose iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or one of the many other storage services available, you have the comfort of knowing your all your files are safely backed up and not tied to a single device. No more fearing the blue screen of death! The peace of mind that security brings, plus the convenience of accessing files from any device with internet access, is priceless.

2.  Portable power

Is there anything worse than watching your battery life fade before your eyes? Stay connected on the go with portable power solutions such as the Ventev Powercell 10000+, a 2-in-1 portable battery and wall charger which can charge three devices at once. For wireless convenience, consider a portable power mat like Mophie’s wireless charging base, or the Duracell Powermat lineup.

3.  Wireless scanners

Paper files are so yesterday. Plus, who has the space to store them all? Reduce paper costs, save time, simplify storage and ensure document security by going paperless. You’ll never lose an important document again and can access and share any file from anywhere by simply scanning and storing. The small size and wireless convenience of Ambir’s MobileScan Pro 500i make it easy to take anywhere. Its available Andoid and iOS apps, and instant scanning to Evernote and Google Drive functions make it a snap to use.

4.  Pocket-sized projectors

Want to wow your clients with the perfect presentation anywhere, anytime? All you need to shine is your phone or tablet and a great pocket-sized portable projector. The FAVI Pico+™ Smart Projector features Android OS and lets you wirelessly showcase your favourite videos, share photos and presentations, or even stream apps like Netflix. The LG PH5550 is one of the brightest micro projectors on the market, comes with a built-in battery and allows you to connect via Bluetooth to external speakers for premium sound.

5.  E-signature solutions

We may never eliminate the need for forms, applications and signed contracts, but we can easily overcome the issues of storage and security they bring, thanks to e-signature solutions. Ambir’s nForm, for example, maintains all the workflow of your standard paper forms without any of the hassle. Plug & play simplicity, Citrix compatibility, and integration turns any iOs or Andriod tablet into a digital signature pad, or use with Ambir’s own custom nForm 410x tool to make going digital a breeze.