5 Ways to Get WorkGroup Scanners Working for You

WorkGroup Scanners Can Help Reduce Work For You

In the 21st century, there is no excuse to have offices that are needlessly cluttered with papers, but many businesses are afraid to stray from their paper-based safe harbor. To them, making the transition to a paperless office sounds appealing, but they also believe the transition would be a difficult one.

Thankfully, with WorkGroup scanners, transitioning to a paperless office is actually a seamless, intuitive process that is more efficient, secure and productive, all while reducing overhead and increasing business profitability.
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10 Futuristic Tech Gadgets Nominated for the Edison Award

Edison Awards are bestowed upon pioneers who develop products or services that move the world forward. Award winners are as innovative as they are useful. Edison Award nominees must display leadership and excellence in four categories: Concept, Value, Delivery, and Impact. The nominees for the 2015 Edison Award include 10 futuristic devices that may change how businesses operate. Read more