5 Ways Network Scanning Can Connect (and Improve) Your Business

With a new year comes a new business solution.

Organizations today are totally connected to the world around them. They’re linked to their customers, their competition, and their media outlets. But it seems as if too many organizations employ scanning solutions that fail to even connect their own offices.

Scanning and backup should be easy. It should be automatic. And it should work – every time.

That’s why Ambir is proud to introduce ScanLink Pro, our answer to network scanning. It creates a scanning network in any office or medical practice. And it works. Every time.


Here are five ways it can help you:

1. Scan directly to a server from anywhere

Businesses can attest to what a problem network and remote scanning can pose. Something that seems so simple shouldn’t be so difficult.

You just want to get the information from A to B, without hassle.

With ScanLink Pro, it isn’t hard anymore. Users can complete the install themselves and be scanning to a server in no time. And because it doesn’t create a local folder on the workstation, ScanLink Pro cuts clutter out of the equation.

2. Scan from multiple workstations simultaneously

ScanLink Pro facilitates the ability to scan to a remote server from several stations at the same time. And it works in a remote desktop services or Citrix® environment.

Reception can scan an ID card into the system while someone scans a stack of patient records in the back. Or two employees in a law firm can scan legal forms into the digital records simultaneously. So long as ScanLink Pro is installed on the workstations and the server, users can scan from anywhere.

ScanLink Pro is a true multitasker.

3. Digital records take up far less space

It’s easy to have stacks and folders full of printed documents take up valuable space.

It’s even easier to have organized digital copies of those documents that take up no space.

ScanLink Pro can help you replace your sagging shelves of records with tidy, integrated storage in a digital content management system.

4. Digital records are more secure

With the aforementioned printed documents, not only do you get less space in your office, but less security, too. Medical practices (who must subscribe to HIPAA laws) know this is a common concern.

Medical records can change hands several times a day, increasing the risk of being compromised.

Why not have them tucked tidily away in a server, where only certified personnel can reach them via a records management system?

5. Digital records are more efficient

Ever spend (waste) time searching for a physical document?

Ever just flat-out lose a printed record?

Yeah, we all have.

That’s why ScanLink Pro is helping to fix it. When your documents are organized and digitized, the relevant users know exactly where to find them via computer. And several users can find the same document simultaneously.

By making it easier to scan and store documents in a database server, ScanLink Pro brings you one step closer to efficient digital records management.

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