Four Great Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed (But You Do)

1. A Virtual Assistant

Every business owner needs an assistant, even if you’re not only the CEO, but also the sole employee. Priced to fit any budget and now packed with useful features that go beyond checking the weather and playing your favourite songs, today’s virtual assistants offer real value and utility. Apple’s newly-released HomePod works with your other Apple gadgets to set reminders and calendar appointments, read and send messages, and even answer calls that come in to your iPhone. For Android users and those who rely on Google’s suite of business services, Google Home is a seamless addition to your tech tools. For sheer utility, ease of use and breadth of options, the Amazon Echo is still the category leader. Alexa, the voice of the Echo, is ubiquitous in many homes and offices, and is now accessible through a suite of Echo-enabled devices from a variety of manufacturers.

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A new reality: 5 ways VR is shaping the future of healthcare

Once the domain of video gamers, virtual reality is now a vital technology changing the face of many businesses and industries. Perhaps nowhere are the changes and revolutionary and the possibilities offered by VR as exciting as in the field of health. Check out these 5 ways virtual reality is already revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.

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7 Morning Time Saving Tips For A More Productive Day

morning productivity tips business

There’s never enough time in the day – or at least it often feels that way. The secret to having a productive work day lies in making the most of your mornings. We’ve got 7 morning time-saving tips that will get your work day off to a great start. Read more

Document Scanning Services Benefit Health Care Providers, Patients and VARS—Check Out Health Management Technology Magazine

By Mike O’Leary

July’s issue of Health Management Technology Magazine features an interesting case study sharing how Ambir Technology value-added reseller, Colorado Hi-Tech Solutions, is providing document scanning services to help health care providers meet meaningful use requirements.
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10 Healthcare IT (#hit) People to Follow on Twitter

Do you work in the healthcare IT field, or are you just interested in following the trends and latest news on the topic? Here are 10 Healthcare IT digital influencers to follow to help keep you in the loop and up to date on the latest trends.
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Revolutionize How You Transfer Forms and Signatures into EHR and Document Management Applications

nformBy Mike O’Leary

We are introducing the Ambir nForm Solution at HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition being held in Chicago April 12-16.

That’s quite a direct statement, isn’t it?

What’s behind it? A lot!
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Ambir Technology Introduces Innovative Solutions for Capturing and Harnessing Information at HIMSS15

By Mike O’Leary

We are introducing new, fresh and exciting solutions for capturing, transferring and managing information at HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition this upcoming week right here in Chicago.

If you are attending the Exhibition, stop by the Ambir Technology booth (number 2819) to see demonstrations on how the new solutions can impact operational efficiency, productivity and security.

Today, Ambir Technology signature pads, ID card scanners and document scanners assist many professional practices and businesses in capturing information. The solutions we are unveiling at HIMSS 2015 push the envelope in regard to information capture, transfer and management.
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Sweet Home Chicago: Ambir will be at HIMSS15

By Mike O’Leary

I’m very excited to share with you that Ambir Technology will be introducing several new document and information capture, transfer and management solutions at HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition in our hometown Chicago from April 12 to April 16.

Helping healthcare providers, office administrators, CIOs and IT specialists better capture and manage patient information has long been a cornerstone of our product development. What attendees will see from us at HIMSS15 will be more than products—they will be comprehensive solutions enabling users to do more at capture to harness and use information.
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10 Futuristic Tech Gadgets Nominated for the Edison Award

Edison Awards are bestowed upon pioneers who develop products or services that move the world forward. Award winners are as innovative as they are useful. Edison Award nominees must display leadership and excellence in four categories: Concept, Value, Delivery, and Impact. The nominees for the 2015 Edison Award include 10 futuristic devices that may change how businesses operate. Read more

Ambir Technology Joins TWAIN Working Group

By Mike O’Leary

We’ve just announced that Ambir has joined the TWAIN Working Group as an Associate Member.

The TWAIN Working Group is a not-for-profit organization supporting a universal public standard to link software applications—such as the operating system on your computer—and image acquisition devices—such as document scanners, signature pads and digital cameras. The goal of the organization is continuously enhancing the standard to accommodate future technologies.

Bottom line, the organization ensures operational interfaces between computers and image capture devices remain public and usable by all industry players.
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