Our Fastest Scanner Goes Through Scanner Time Trials


Well, it’s that time again. Every four years, we glue ourselves to our TV screens and watch the nations of the world battle it out for athletic supremacy on the track, in the pool and on the court. In the spirit of the games, we decided to run our top performer, the ImageScan Pro 940u, through a rigorous time trial test.*

It should be noted that the scanner was set to grayscale output at 150 DPI resolution, standard for everyday office documents. And the timer was a standard iPhone 4S stopwatch.

Format: min:sec.decisecond (yup, decisecond is a word)

1 sheet (The Meeting Notes)…..…… 00:01.7

5 sheets (The Email Chain)…….…….. 00:07.2

10 sheets (The TPS Report)………..… 00:14.2

40 sheets (The Patient Record)………. 00:55.4

50 sheets (The HBO TV Pilot or The Grad School Thesis)………… 01:08.5

100 sheets (The Law Case Study)………… 02:18.5

So there we have it. We’re pleased to point out that this particular 40 page-per-minute model buzzed through 40 pages in well under a minute. So that’s pretty awesome.

Happy Summer Olympics, everyone. No matter if it’s summer where you are or not.

*All times are honestly reported to the best of our knowledge, but unofficial.

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