Document Spring Cleaning: How to Finally Get Organized

Spring is here, and it’s time to clean. But just because you’ve vacuumed the carpets and emptied the trash doesn’t mean you’re finished.

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3 Ways Ambir Increases Your Data Security


In the wake of the new HIPAA omnibus rule, data security for healthcare organizations is more important than ever. Going into effect on March 26, with a September 23 deadline for total compliance, health IT departments must look at their health data security and adjust accordingly. Here are three ways Ambir keeps your data safe and puts you in a great position for compliance.

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Our Fastest Scanner Goes Through Scanner Time Trials


Well, it’s that time again. Every four years, we glue ourselves to our TV screens and watch the nations of the world battle it out for athletic supremacy on the track, in the pool and on the court. In the spirit of the games, we decided to run our top performer, the ImageScan Pro 940u, through a rigorous time trial test.*

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You Need an ADF Scanner. We’ve Got Just the Thing.

So you need a high-speed scanner for your office or practice. Why not go for one that stacks up against the competition in every category – and beats them on price? Add to that Ambir’s comprehensive, locally-based customer service, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Here are the facts:

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Video: Calibrating your ImageScan Pro ADF scanner

We’ve had quite a few requests for instructions on calibrating an Ambir ImageScan Pro ADF scanner. So we whipped up a little video that shows how. Enjoy.