Scanner Care


All scanners which do not have –IX in the model name require initial calibration before scanning. 

Any scanner ending with –IX comes pre-calibrated from the factory. No initial calibration is required. However, calibration may be needed if image quality declines.

If you notice a decline in image quality, it’s time to clean and re-calibrate your scanner. Scanner calibration is recommended once every three months. Generally, the best indicator of a needed cleaning is the appearance of any black streaks, or if your auto-crop/auto-size functions stop working on scans.

Card and Document scanners

1. Double click on the AmbirScan icon on desktop

a. If you do not have our AmbirScan software, install here.

2. Insert the calibration sheet

3. Click on Settings

4. Select Calibration

5. Click Calibrate


All non-IX models and PS667ix

1. Double click on the AmbirScan icon on desktop

a.If you do not have our AmbirScan software, install here.

2. Lightly spray the cleaning sheet with the cleaning solution

3. Click on Settings

4. Select Cleaning

Video Tutorials
How to Calibrate an Ambir Sheetfed Scanner
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