Scanner Care
Want to improve your image? Clean & calibrate regularly.

The good news about scanner image quality problems is that most can be quickly and easily resolved by cleaning and calibrating your Ambir scanner.

Common image issues associated with the need to clean and/or calibrate include:

• Black or dark grey streaks or lines
• Grayish or hazy discoloration
• White streaks or lines
• Poor color recognition or poor color quality

Regular cleaning prevents build up on the image sensor of materials such as dust, label adhesive, inks and oils which can deteriorate scan quality. Regular calibration ensures the scanner image sensor is optimized. Cleaning and calibration sheets are provided with your scanner. Cleaning sheets may be reused until noticeably dirty, which may be many months in a standard office environment, or a much shorter period of time in a dusty industrial environment or when traveling frequently with your scanner. Calibration sheets may be reused until damaged or lost. Additional sheets and cleaning solvent are available for purchase on the Accessories and Supplies page. You may also use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.

For optimal image quality, we recommend that Ambir scanners be cleaned and calibrated approximately every 1000 scans, or about every two to three months for an average user. Heavy use applications may necessitate much more frequent cleaning and calibration. In addition, factors such as a dusty work environment, frequent travel with your scanner, scanning documents with wet ink or that are frequently handled will result in the need for more frequent cleaning and calibration. Cleaning will effectively remove dust, oil and paper debris from the rollers and scanning head. Followed by re-calibration, this process will resolve most image quality issues.

How to Clean and Calibrate Your Scanner

The steps for cleaning and calibration are identical, except that to calibrate you’ll use the calibration sheet that came with your scanner and for cleaning you will use the cleaning sheet, first applying 3 sprays of cleaning solvent in the center of the sheet.

Next, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Click the Custom button in your scanning application

For Ambir A4 Scanners

Enhanced Cleaning & Calibration Kit for PS600-2 (PS600-AS, PS600-PM) / DS485 / DS487 / DS490 / PS465 / PS467 / 2000N/NR / 3000D/DN Scanners

Retail Price: $14.95

For Ambir A6 Scanners


Enhanced Cleaning & Calibration Kit for PS665 / PS667 / DS685 / DS687 / 800R/NR / 800DX/DXN

Retail Price: $14.95

Step 2. Click the Calibrate button (even if you want to initiate cleaning).

Step 3. To initiate cleaning, click the Clean button and to begin calibration click the Calibrate button. Please follow the onscreen instructions when calibrating or cleaning.

Cleaning & Calibration Using 3rd Party Software

If you are using 3rd party scanning software please follow these steps to clean and calibrate your Ambir sheet-fed scanner:

Step 1. Go to your Control Panel

Step 2. Select Scanners and Cameras

Step 3. Right click on your Ambir scanner and select Properties

Step 4. Click on the Advanced tab to access the Clean and Calibrate buttons; follow the onscreen directions as above.


Often, if cleaning and then calibrating does not eliminate your image problem, calibrating a second time will resolve it. If after calibration your scanned image shows one thick dark line and one thin dark line this indicates that the calibration paper was inserted sideways. Simply turn the calibration paper so that the arrows point into the scanner and recalibrate.

Extending the Life of Your Scanner

Please do not scan media that contains the above items. Doing so will damage your scanner and void your warranty. If needed, use a photo or document sleeve to protect the inner mechanisms of your scanner from dirt, adhesives and other debris. This plus regular cleaning and calibration will help extend the life of your scanner.

For any additional questions, please contact Ambir technical support at 630.530.5400 option 3.