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10 Businesses that can benefit from e-signatures and nForm

What’s the biggest improvement you want your business to achieve this year? Reduced costs? Increased efficiency? Improved client experience? Making one simple change can help you realize each of those goals, and more.

Ambir nForm transforms the way you collect and capture information, using your existing forms or digital applications and eliminating the need to re-format, scan or print. Send them directly and securely to your network or the cloud, saving time and reducing costs. nForm also doubles as a digital signature pad, allowing you and your clients to sign, initial, and make notes on any form or document.

What type of business is nForm best for? Your business!

1. Medical and Paramedical Practices

Use nForm for patient registration forms, requisitions, electronic health records and more and your patients and staff will thank you.

2. Human Resources

Managing employee information is a breeze with electronic forms for job applications, personnel files, benefits registration forms, HR policies, performance evaluations and more.

3. Pharmacies

With nForm recording signatures for deliveries, tracking controlled substances, registering new customers, managing orders and more couldn’t be easier!

4. Landscaping / Home Improvement Companies

Create detailed quotes, sign work orders, track employee hours, capture client signatures for change orders and special requests, record deliveries and more from any job site.

5. Hospitals

Reduce duplication, avoid errors, improve workflows, and make patient charts available in real time across multiple departments with a paperless health records management system.

6. Financial Services

Offer truly personalized service and meet your clients anywhere, anytime that’s convenient for them. With nForm you can fill out account applications, capture credit check information, authorize the purchase or sale of stocks, and record client signatures or initials on important documents without having to print a single piece of paper.

7. Messenger / Courier

Your small courier business relies on speed, reliability and accuracy. nForm allows your messengers to capture digital signatures upon delivery which can be immediately saved to your network. Confirming delivery and tracking packages is a breeze!

8. Legal Services

Mountains of paperwork is par for the course in the legal services business, but it doesn’t has to be. Lawyers and support staff can easily track billable hours and expenses online when your tracking forms are digitized with nForm. Letters, contracts, agreements and other important documents can be reviewed, initialed and signed electronically by all parties.

9. Real estate

New home builders, home inspectors, and real estate agents will all appreciate the simplicity of nForm. Recording upgrades, deficiencies, inclusions, exclusions and more is easy with the convenience of a tablet and the ability to immediately send electronic copies to all interested parties.

10. Florists

Get every customer’s order right, every time with nForm. Electronic order forms will help ensure that no detail gets missed or mis-read, from colour and flower specifications to special requests, delivery instructions and the wording on the card. Capture digital signatures on the spot to confirm delivery.

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Go Paperless in 2017

paperless office 2017

New Year’s resolutions are always a hot topic at the beginning of the year. Magazines and websites are full of helpful tips for eating better, losing weight, getting in shape and living well. But what about your work life?

If you’ve resolved to work more efficiently, save money and reduce your business’ impact on the environment you’re in luck. All of these goals can be achieved with one simple and effective change that will revolutionize how you work: going paperless. We’ll help you keep that resolution with three simple steps:

Step 1: Sort and Purge

This is the hardest step of all – sorting through years of files, notes and paper scraps trying to decide what’s worth keeping and what can be shredded or recycled immediately. While this may seem like an overwhelming task it is an essential one and will set you up for future success.

Divide all your existing paperwork into two piles: shred and scan. Be ruthless about what is truly necessary to keep on hand and what can go straight to the recycle bin.

Step 2: Scan and Save

The next step is taking all those paper files you’ve deemed essential and scanning them to be stored electronically. This creates a secure digital archive which you can access whenever and wherever needed, without taking up valuable storage space in your home or office.

While any scanner can do the job, choosing the right scanner makes the task much easier and more efficient. A stand-alone scanner like the nScan 915i is ideal for both home office and business use. With no computer, drivers, or cables required, it allows multiple users to scan documents and send to the destination of their choice: email; computer, network; or cloud.

Step 3: Set up Systems for Future Success

Now that you’ve dealt with the backlog of files and created a secure digital archive on your network or in the cloud, it’s time to evaluate your current business practices. Setting up a paperless system going forward is simple, and will pay off in terms of time, money and resources saved.

For most business, the bulk of paper files comes from printed forms, Applications, purchase orders, employee information, patient records – any paper forms and documents can be easily converted to a paperless system with the right tools.

Invest in e-signature solutions and a system such as nForm to access all your printed forms on a tablet. There is no need to convert, modify or redesign any of your existing documents or change your current workflow process. nForm can save and send completed forms directly to your network using the same interface as a document scanner – no printers or hard copies required! nForm offers the additional benefit of serving as an electronic signature pad.Signatures, initials and handwritten notes can be added directly to the digital form with no extra equipment needed.

With these three simple steps you’ll be well on your way to keeping your New Year’s resolution, without even breaking a sweat!

Maximize Efficiency On the Go: Top 5 Mobile Office Must-Haves

Whether you work from home or in a mobile office that needs to travel everywhere you do, efficiency is the key to success. Limited space, time and resources can all be optimized for maximum results, thanks to a few handy programs, cool gadgets and well-chosen pieces of equipment. What are the must-have tools for the professional on the go? We’ve listed our top 5 favourites here:

1.  Cloud-based storage

You need access to all your files from any device, any location. Gone are the days of messing with thumb drives and emailing files to yourself, thanks to the magic of the cloud. Whether you choose iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or one of the many other storage services available, you have the comfort of knowing your all your files are safely backed up and not tied to a single device. No more fearing the blue screen of death! The peace of mind that security brings, plus the convenience of accessing files from any device with internet access, is priceless.

2.  Portable power

Is there anything worse than watching your battery life fade before your eyes? Stay connected on the go with portable power solutions such as the Ventev Powercell 10000+, a 2-in-1 portable battery and wall charger which can charge three devices at once. For wireless convenience, consider a portable power mat like Mophie’s wireless charging base, or the Duracell Powermat lineup.

3.  Wireless scanners

Paper files are so yesterday. Plus, who has the space to store them all? Reduce paper costs, save time, simplify storage and ensure document security by going paperless. You’ll never lose an important document again and can access and share any file from anywhere by simply scanning and storing. The small size and wireless convenience of Ambir’s MobileScan Pro 500i make it easy to take anywhere. Its available Andoid and iOS apps, and instant scanning to Evernote and Google Drive functions make it a snap to use.

4.  Pocket-sized projectors

Want to wow your clients with the perfect presentation anywhere, anytime? All you need to shine is your phone or tablet and a great pocket-sized portable projector. The FAVI Pico+™ Smart Projector features Android OS and lets you wirelessly showcase your favourite videos, share photos and presentations, or even stream apps like Netflix. The LG PH5550 is one of the brightest micro projectors on the market, comes with a built-in battery and allows you to connect via Bluetooth to external speakers for premium sound.

5.  E-signature solutions

We may never eliminate the need for forms, applications and signed contracts, but we can easily overcome the issues of storage and security they bring, thanks to e-signature solutions. Ambir’s nForm, for example, maintains all the workflow of your standard paper forms without any of the hassle. Plug & play simplicity, Citrix compatibility, and integration turns any iOs or Andriod tablet into a digital signature pad, or use with Ambir’s own custom nForm 410x tool to make going digital a breeze.

How to Make Patient Registration Paperless with Electronic Forms

electronic consent forms

An average patient visit will generate 13 pieces of paper (source: Institute of Medicine).

As well, of the organizations that have Electronic Health Records or are implementing them, nearly 80% still use paper records in their processing workflows (Source: InformationWeek).

In other words, there’s still a lot of paper waste in the healthcare industry.

And not only paper waste, but time spent filing, scanning, entering data into a computer, shredding – not to mention the security and privacy risks of misplaced paper forms.

But electronic patient registration and electronic consent forms are changing the way healthcare providers collect and store patient information.

Today, paperless systems are in place with the large hospital groups, medical clinics and lifestyle centers, each acknowledging the benefits expediting documented information in several health care aspects related to the patients’ quality of care and physician’s satisfaction with going paperless.

As health information technology becomes a central part of health care management and its policy’s, electronic patient registration and electronic consent forms are serving hospitals, physician groups and care giving organizations.

The purpose of the paperless system is to manage patient records, maintain demographic data and laboratory test information, prescriptions details on warnings, and interactions within a shared document management system.

The biggest concern has been the retention of privacy, especially with multiple levels of security when using tablets and mobile devices. As these devices become more common with the use of technology advancements, patients have adapted to a paperless world.

Technology has also developed the ability to integrate systems, converting any type of healthcare form capable of being sent to a printer to a paperless configuration without loss of data or information contained on the form.

Our nForm solution is designed specifically for this function eliminating hard paper filing, editing and the loss of information or documents as a result of human intervention.

With nForm, the electronic patient registration and electronic consent forms are completed by the patients using a tablet and electronic pen rather than the physical document form.

The electronic form is uploaded directly into the electronic medical record (EMR) or customer relationship management system (CRM). Once the uploading is complete the system automatically secures the information with the signature and clears all data from the device for a seamless integration.

As the patient updates the records on each visit the electronic forms are uploaded for review of previous and current information, request prescription, scheduled appointments, and referrals. Physicians and staff can share information within minutes, streamlining the office processes so workers can concentrate on patient and physician’s necessities.

As well, nForm ensures the accurate data transfer to existing medical and patient records which improves communication between multiple providers. Paperless features reduce errors for medical orders delivered directly from the system, enhancing aspects of long term and preventive care, especially for patient records noting allergic reactions or drug interactions.

The physician’s office forms are uploaded by using either the scanning application or a PDF format for entry. The physician’s and office forms become available immediately, ensuring updates, revisions or additional electronic forms are captured and filed for use as needed.

Electronic patient registration and electronic consent forms help streamline workflows and reduce paper waste for healthcare providers, while also enabling a more private and secure patient experience.

To request more information about nForm click here

Ten Smart Ways to Forge A Paperless Office

Tips for Paperless Office

The Tooth Fairy. Unicorns. Bigfoot. The paperless office. Most office workers have heard about all four, but few have seen any of them.

We all know a paperless office is a good, environmentally friendly idea. In reality, it seems like trying to go paperless results in more work to add to an already packed workday. There are ways, however, to incorporate paper-saving initiatives into everyday tasks and activities that may actually be more convenient than using paper and SAVE time.

Here are ten smart ways to forge a paperless office.

1. Avoid declaring “all or nothing.

” It’s a bit overwhelming to go paperless, unless it’s accomplished in stages. Begin with one area. Tackle old paper file conversions, or commit to creating new files electronically. Staying on track is why you must…

2. Set goals and timelines.

Measurable goals with reasonable timelines lay out expectations. Broad statements like “let’s try to go paperless” nets few results. Choose an area, and set a timeline for it to be paperless, then choose another one. Goals will help you get there.

3. Create an electronic document archive.

Electronically file old records you must keep. All you need is a document scanner or workgroup scanner and an electronic filing cabinet. This clears out the stacks of paper in your office, increases efficiency, and protects valuable files in the event of theft, fire, or other loss.

4. Invest in a CRM for working files.

CRMs are a tremendous asset in general, and promote a paperless office in particular. Customer file databases, pricing, sales notes, and a host of other important information can be stored and easily retrieved on a CRM.

5. Learn how to use Google docs.

Everyone in the office can set up a free account, create documents, and share files on Google docs. Entire departments, even those with remote team members, can reduce paper by using this tool.

6. Switch to e-signatures.

New account paperwork is one example of how e-signature solutions can foster a paperless system. Invest in a system like nForm for completely paperless forms and documents, and is secure and can electronically submit the signed paperwork into your files.

7. Get your vendors on board.

Encourage your business partners to send files and documents via email. It will surprise you how much total office paperwork is reduced by emailing and file sharing with your vendors.

8. Announce the initiatives to your clients.

Ask customers to participate. Along with sending paperwork electronically, they can file share and scan documents to their sales executive. Instead of thick paper how-to guides, try using video training tutorials to provide customer education.

9. Share the plan office-wide.

Be a cheerleader for a paperless office. It’s vital to gain individual buy-in to make it work. Explain the benefits of decreased cost and increased efficiency to get people on board.

10. Bill electronically.

Say bye-bye to paper billing. Implement an electronic billing system that saves paper and postage, and offers an easier way to keep track of receivables.

Evolving into a paperless office is not easy. By taking small steps, setting goals, and encouraging others to see the benefits, a paperless office can be in your future.

But probably not a unicorn. Sorry.