Manual License Activation

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Problem: Error received on activation
Reason:  Profile does not have full admin rights, firewall blocking, anti-virus block
Solution: Manual activation

Firewall Blocking

Advise customer that needs to be white listed. Changing this setting most often fixes the issue.

Anti-Virus Blocking

Refer customer to their IT professional to check settings.

All Others

  1. Copy the ‘Configuration’ number using the clipboard feature and send that number to yourself using the chat function in Fixme
  2. In the Licensing tool, enter the configuration number in the Configuration Number field in the ‘Machine Code’ section. Hit ‘Generate Offline’
  3. A long number will populate in the ‘Registration Number’ field. Copy that number and send to the user’s PC using the Fixme chat
  4. Copy the number from the chat window and hit OK
  5. AmbirScan will start