Adding Multipage Scanning

Problem: AS4A is not scanning multiple pages into one PDF document
Reason:  Incorrect settings in AS4A
Solution: Correct settings in AS4A


Image below shows correct settings


PDFs Not Opening After Scanning

Problem: PDFs will not open after scanning when set to Open and Preview
Reason:  Corruption of Adobe Acrobat
Solution: Uninstall Acrobat DC and reinstall (refer customer to their IT to do so. If they do not have IT, they must do the uninstall/reinstall).


  1. End all instances of Adobe Acrobat in Task Manager
  2. If customer has local IT, advise to have them uninstall and reinstall.
    1. If not local IT (small office, etc.) advise customer to uninstall Adobe through Programs and Features
    2. Reinstall Adobe Acrobat DC
  3. Rescan