SigPad – Device Not Recognized Error

Problem: Error stating ‘Device not recognized’
Reason: Using gateway service to access the terminal server, not directly to the server with RDP
Solution: Bypass gateway and log directly into the server. Users need permissions to access the server.



  1. Installed -RDP driver on local PC (Windows 7)
  2. API was installed on the server (R2 2012 server)
  3. Users access the terminal server using a ‘gateway’, not directly to the server with RDP. The gateway is what connects to the RDP. When accessing the server through the gateway, the device was not showing up in the demo for SignoTec.
  4. Had the user log directly onto the server, bypassing the gateway. When logging in directly, they could access the options to select which devices allowed. Ports was not selected. Selected and logged in; device was then found and tested successfully.