Cannot Select TWAIN Source

Problem: AS4A will not auto select TWAIN source from drop down menu
Reason(s): Scanner not plugged in, conflict of TWAIN sources in Twain_32 folder
Solution(s): Confirm scanner plugged in. Fix Twain_32 folder.


  1. Close AS4A via Task Manager
  2. Confirm scanner is plugged in to USB port. If it is, try another port.
  3. Relaunch AS4a

If that does not correct:

  1. Close AS4A via Task Manager
  2. Go to C:\Windows\twain_32
  3. Cut and paste all non-Ambir folders on to the desktop (do not delete). Leave Ambir folders in that location.
  4. Relaunch AmbirScan for Athena. The Twain driver should now be selected
  5. Cut non-Ambir folders from desktop and paste back into C:\Windows\twain_32
  6. Relaunch AS4A to ensure the correct device is selected.