Financial Solutions

Ambir electronic financial solutions deliver a host of advantages to financial environments from banking and credit unions to mortgage, insurance and accounting firms. With greater pressure than ever to deliver efficient, effective customer service, scanner technology can help your organization accelerate processes, reduce data entry errors and improve efficiency while enhancing customer service.

Ambir financial solutions can be implemented in a matter of minutes, are easy to use and rapidly accepted by staff. With slim, compact profiles, Ambir scanners fit easily into any financial services environment, from teller stations to new account and loan processing desks. Capable of capturing images from insurance cards, as well as laminated and embossed IDs, plus documents up to legal size, Ambir professional grade scanners are a versatile tool delivering numerous benefits.


  • Simplified sharing of data within organization
  • Reduced manual data entry and data-entry errors
  • Simplified document retrieval
  • Heightened confidentiality of client data
  • Expedited customer check-in and decreased wait times
  • Stop relying on manual data entry and photocopies of forms and IDs.

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