Hospitality Solutions

Guests have many choices when it comes to spending their time and money, so remaining competitive is tougher than ever. In the competitive property/housing rental environment, efficient business practices lead to better profitability. Therefore, it is vital for hospitality companies to find ways to increase efficiency. 

Implementation of an ID or document management solution can quickly and cost-effectively help achieve these goals. Ideal for guest registration, Ambir ID card scanners streamline the check-in process. In the back office, document management is made easier by the simplicity and versatility of document scanners.

Traditional paper files can be costly, time consuming and error-prone. Going electronic through the implementation of scanner technology is a cost-effective means of enhancing efficiency, data security and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Hospitality Benefits

  • Heightened confidentiality of guest data
  • Decreased guest wait times, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced manual data entry errors and improved staff productivity
  • Simplified document retrieval
  • Reduced paper usage resulting in cost savings

Rental Solutions

Ambir scanner solutions are ideal for vehicle, storage and equipment rental operations. With scanners from Ambir Technology, documents can be quickly captured at the initial point of contact. This immediate conversion into electronic files means front-line personnel stay at the customer’s side instead of leaving to make photocopies. This is an assurance of the safe custody of their personal documents.

Extra time with a customer facilitates better customer service and needs, often leading to upsell services — and no more paper documents to file and store. ID scanning also contributes to the identity verification process, helping ensure that the rented item is returned safely.

Whatever you’re renting, Ambir has the guest management scanning solution you need.

Rental Benefits

  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced data errors and misplaced files
  • Improved data security
  • Reduced paper and filing related costs

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