Legal Solutions

Efficiency. Security. Profitability. Today’s firms and inside counsel must focus on these complex goals – and still find the time to practice law. All of this, combined with the increasingly complicated processes of eDiscovery and Public Access to Court Electronic Records, mean efficient technology is more important than ever in the legal field. Equip your firm with the tools it needs to stay connected, remain profitable and comply with applicable statutes, precedents and industry best practices.

Ambir also offers a complete line of compact sheetfed and powerful ADF scanners for digitizing any physical record, from legal & letter sized documents to identification cards. Firms and practices will find an all-in-one imaging solution in the ImageScan Pro 930u, which scans 100 pages at a time at up to 30 pages per minute with the push of a button. All Ambir scanners are TWAIN compliant.

Today’s law happens digitally. Prepare your firm with a quality scanning and document management solution from Ambir.

Court Systems

New e-filing requirements within the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system mean state and federal courts have pressing needs for efficient digitization. Printed complaints and exhibits can exceed hundreds of pages in length, making high-speed scanning and processing an absolute must.

As court systems nationwide move closer to completely paperless processes, their corresponding workflows must also be adjusted. An Ambir solution addresses every concern inherent in e-filing, including complex document organization and bulk data extraction.

Law Offices & Corporate Legal Departments

Formerly seen as officers of enforcement and control, outside legal counsel and in-house legal departments are now expected to empower clients through information sharing and collaboration. However, this is made difficult when all information is retrieved through paper files. However, digitized records can be viewed, printed, shared and stored – offering a flexible, convenient alternative.

When documents are scanned, they’re immediately available as active, searchable digital content that can be retrieved quickly. The appropriate people have access to relevant information instantly, without the need to search through a storeroom for a rogue document. Records can also be secured against unauthorized access, providing an extra layer of protection for confidential information.

The storage of electronic records, which are often governed by corporate retention and destruction policies, can also help as organizations work to comply with the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

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