How does nForm® work?

nForm uses forms or documents generated by your application, or existing forms in PDF, Microsoft Word, JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG formats. There is no need to convert, modify or redesign these forms. Forms are sent to your Android or iOS tablet using a virtual print driver. Any application that can print a form or document, can easily send the form or document to nForm.

Eliminate printing & scanning paper forms.

Select the forms you want using nForm and send them to the tablet, saving your practice time and expense while boosint office productivity and improving patient privacy.

Where does nForm® work?

nForm® works anywhere forms are collected.

Completed forms are input to the patient registration system, EHR or document management system using a TWAIN interface just like a document scanner, eliminating the need for complicated integrations. Completed forms can also be automatically saved as: PDF, JPG, TIF or BMP by nForm. If the document management or EHR system supports printing and TWAIN scanners or automatic import from a watched folder, it supports nForm.

nForm is also an electronic signature pad. The client or patient signs a digital copy of the form that allows for the addition of notes, initials and signatures or any other hand writing. Patient and client satisfaction is enhanced because they can privately see exactly what they are signing.

nForm never stores form content and employs multiple levels of security to ensure security and privacy.