Strategies for Successful Scanning

Are you considering the purchase of a document scanner or scanners to help your business get its arms around critical information residing on paper?

Converting paper-based information into digital files through document scanning will get your business on the road to true information management. Doing so will reap a host of benefits, including increased operational efficiency, enhanced staff productivity, quick access to information, and reduction in costly storage of paper files—all helping your business drive its bottom line profitability.
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MobileScan Pro 100 named to TechnoLawyer NewsWire Top 25

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We’d like to thank the fine folks at TechnoLawyer for naming our new MobileScan Pro 100 #5 on their TL NewsWire Top 25 Products of 2012. It joins other great developments like cloud practice management system Total Attorneys and CitePin, which TechnoLawyer calls “the ‘Evernote of the Legal Industry.'”

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Fall Trade Shows: McKesson and NextGen

We’re in the midst of our fall trade show season, and two of our largest shows are right around the corner. First up is McKesson’s fall Practice Solution’s VAR and UGM summit. After that, it’s on to Orlando for Nextgen’s annual UGM to get our “Nextpertise” on.

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Ambir, SOAPware team up for joint venture

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with SOAPware, an industry leader in EMR and practice management solutions. It puts smiles on our faces when we can work with the health IT solutions we’re trying to connect practices to, across the country.

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EzeScan: A new way to organize and integrate

Medical practices and businesses are digitizing their paper documents faster than ever before. Whether through EMR, SharePoint, EDRMS suites, or other solutions, organizations want their information quickly and digitally. So how does Ambir fit in? What are we bringing to the table?

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Technology doesn’t hurt people, but irresponsible use of it can

After all this positive news for tech in healthcare, there comes something on a more disheartening note. A recently-published New York Times article gives an in-depth view of some of the apparent problems of mobile healthcare IT in (at least a few) hospitals.  Read more

Meaningful use and budget HIT at Costco: An EHR roundup

EHR implementation is on the rise. That much is clear. More and more doctors are demonstrating the ever-important “meaningful use” required to collect their share of the $1 billion the federal government is apparently planning on handing out to hospitals and practices by the end of this year.

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