Quick Tip: How to Disable Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection

The ImageScan Pro 930 and 940 models come equipped with Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection, which prevents jams and misfeeds while scanning paper documents. However, due to the thickness of identification and insurance cards, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection may interrupt feeding.

To disable Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection to scan cards, follow these steps:

1. Open AmbirScan ADF by navigating to the System Tray and double-clicking the icon.

2. Inside AmbirScan ADF, uncheck the Multi-feed Detection box and click Apply.

3. Scan a card following your normal procedure.

If you’re scanning from a third party application, Multi-feed Detection can be disabled from the TWAIN UI.

1. Within the TWAIN UI, click the Preferences tab, then uncheck the Multi-feed Detection box.

2. Scan a card following your normal procedure.

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