EzeScan & Alfresco: Quicker Upload, Faster Access to Your Data


Alfresco is a relatively young and very free enterprise content management (ECM) software. Complete with a refreshingly simple, informative website, Alfresco offers businesses document management, web content management, workflow solutions, and various other tools.

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SharePoint 101: How to Upload Docs Faster

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management solution that connects employees. Truly a collaborative platform, SharePoint allows users to share information, manage documents and cooperate on large-scale projects. SharePoint was initially launched in 2001, and has since become an extremely popular method for businesses to connect their employees and streamline their processes. And just under a year ago, Microsoft released Office 365, which offers an online version of SharePoint, as well as online editing of documents with Office Web Apps and other features including Exchange Online.

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3 Ways Remote Scanning Will Transform Your Office

Server-based computing is improving how efficiently and effectively we work. This is especially true when it comes to complex network environments, remote desktop operations and telecommuting operations. Terminal services technology is evolving in kind, enabling mission critical business processes like remote scanning to enhance operational workflow and productivity, and that can boost the bottom line. Here are 3 key ways remote scanning can directly benefit the document management mix:

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EzeScan: A new way to organize and integrate

Medical practices and businesses are digitizing their paper documents faster than ever before. Whether through EMR, SharePoint, EDRMS suites, or other solutions, organizations want their information quickly and digitally. So how does Ambir fit in? What are we bringing to the table?

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