Healthcare Solutions
Small Practices

Time and space. Something a small practice never seems to have enough of. Ambir can help you find more of both.

We offer a wide variety of cost-effective, space-saving scanners that will save you time at the registration desk and around the office. Our scanners can be set up in minutes and are powered via USB cable so desks stay uncluttered.

Save time at the registration desk. Capture patient cards and documents digitally in seconds. You eliminate paper copies from your workflow as well as cut filing time and storage space for paperwork.

Group Practices

No matter what your scanning needs, Ambir’s got you covered. From ID scanners for the front registration desk to high speed ADF scanners perfect for the back office, you’ll find a sheet-fed or ADF scanner for every need.

Our scanners’ space saving size and USB connectivity make them ideal for registration kiosks, where space is limited. Integration is a breeze because Ambir scanners are easy to install and are compatible with most practice management and EMR systems. In fact, leading healthcare software providers like GE, McKesson, and Nextgen recommend Ambir scanners to their customers.

Ambir sales and technical teams help you make the best decision to meet your healthcare organization’s unique needs.


Fast, efficient digital data management is critical in your complex hospital environment. That’s why Ambir scanners provide you with a multitude of solutions that save time, reduce costs and increase security.

For patient registration, our document scanners easily handle patient forms as well as driver’s licenses and insurance cards. If you need to process ID cards and other small media on a mobile cart of kiosk, Ambir ID scanners are compact and since they are USB powered, you reduce cord clutter as well as power requirements. For billing and office functions, our high-speed ADF scanners will fit your needs. You’ll quickly scan invoices and patient forms for increased efficiency and improved workflow.