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No matter if you are a hospital, small practice, large medical group or a neighborhood retail clinic you have to manage patient data. Traditionally, initial patient data comes from making photocopies of insurance cards, IDs, drivers licenses or forms, a labor-intensive, time consuming process.

Ambir Technology has a better way.

As the market leader in ID and document scanners, Ambir Technology offers a wide range of scanners that enable rapid, accurate electronic capture of patient data. All of our scanners are easy to implement and compatible with most EMR and practice management software. In addition, they are plug and play compatible with thousands of TWAIN compliant software applications. Their slim, lightweight design makes Ambir scanners ideally adaptable to any registration counter or mobile cart.

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Ambir sales and technical teams can guide you in selecting and implementing the best solution to meet your healthcare organizations unique needs.

Expedited admissions/registration
Improved staff productivity
Reduced data-entry errors
Reduced patient wait times
Enhanced HIPAA compliance
Reduced paper, photocopying and faxing
Reduced hardcopy file storage space

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Click below to see how Ambir products fit into your healthcare environment:

  DS930-AS ImageScan Pro™ 930u High Speed Duplex Document and ID Scanner with UltraSonic Misfeed Detection

Retail Price: $695.00

  DS820-AS ImageScan Pro™ 820i High Speed Duplex Document and ID Scanner with Automatic Document Feeder

Retail Price: $399.95

  DS490IX-AS ImageScan Pro 490i Duplex ID Card & Document Scanner w/ AmbirScan

Retail Price: $299.95

  DS687IX-AS Duplex A6 ID Card Scanner w/AmbirScan

Retail Price: $329.95